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Usability Test Questions + Reactions

 Usability Test Questions:

  1. What are the first things you notice on the home page?
  2. Is my site clear and easy to navigate?
  3. What do you think is the best layout for a site like this?
  4. Are there any elements missing?
  5. Did any page take a long time to load?
  6. Overall strengths of my site?
  7. Overall weakness of my site?

After reading my classmates’ responses to my sites, many of them liked the floral logo and believe it is a great way to start off the page. I may also take one of my classmate’s suggestion and have the floral background run down the sides too.  I agree that I would like to spend extra time customizing my home page and adding more graphics and photos to make my website even more visually appealing.  For the layout, most of my classmates found my layout to be easy to understand and navigate. Some of my peers suggested to make the side bar horizontal, to add an extra element to each of my pages. My classmates appreciated my menu bar and the tabs and found it easy to find each project. Only thing is I forgot to link Project 2, so I will have to remember to add that. But for the most part, all my links and sections load really fast and all work. I think the major thing I am going to focus on for Project #4 is to add more color, play around with different fonts, add more photos, and link my social media platforms. I am pleased with my layout so I will not be spending tons of time on that, I just want to make my site more creative and appealing.


Project #3: Peer Reviews

Project #3: Peer Reviews

Let Creativity Flow



All of my peers responded to my story board in a positive way. Many of the comments I received said that my project was really organized and seems like I know what I want to include on each scene for the video. My peers also liked how I know what images I will be using. They also enjoyed that instead of using cartoons, I am using real photos from when I was a child. My peers believe that using real photos is a great detail, that makes it easy for the audience to follow my story and to capture their attention.

After reading the reviews from my peers, I agree that using voiceover will be the best form of narration for my video. I also like how my peers suggested using light, happy background music to fill any dead air. I will take that into consideration when I am editing my movie. Also, my peers pointed out that I should start rethinking about fonts and color schemes. I would like to include a fun font to show my creative personality so maybe Comic Sans? As for colors I still have to test out what will look best against my photos. It all depends on what color and font will be easy to read.

For the most part, I am very happy with my story and I am excited to start using iMovie because iMovie is a software I am very comfortable using. I plan to use my photos and my voice to tell my story and I am glad that my peers were able to understand the story I am going to tell.

Peer Reviews

It has not been easy learning HTML coding this semester. Every class I have left with a pounding headache and my anxiety through the roof. Some days I even want to throw my computer out the window, but I know HTML coding is a very important skill, especially in the journalism world. So I know all the pain and hard work will pay off in the end.


In today’s class, we were able to review each others projects and leave feedback. I found it very helpful to see what my classmates thought about my project. Although my project is no where near completed, I am glad I was able to see the comments from my classmates.

For my analysis, I am glad that all of my classmates enjoyed reading my analysis and noticed my use of all the visualizing composition terms. They all found my analysis easy to read and understand, so I most likely won’t make any changes to my analysis.

For the pictures, my classmates thought all the pictures I used were great and really drove home my point and purpose of my project. I agree with my peers that I should put the title and blurb beneath the photos, so my readers can better understand each section.

For the organization of my project, my classmates said my pages were really well organized. Most of them liked the scrolling feature of my page. My classmates also liked my color scheme, saying the white background really made my text and pictures pop. Although I am not interested in putting a background image on each of my pages, I might play around with different borders and/or margins. My format and organization of my pages need tons of work, but I will take into consideration my classmates’ feedback, including creating a block-style layout.

Back to DreamWeaver for some more (and by more I mean A LOT) of edits…