Smashing Magazine

Do you intend to follow all 10 tips that Smashing Magazine suggests? Why or why not? Also, make sure to explore the “40+ beautiful personal portfolio websites.” Which sites are your favorite and why? What would you need to learn/know in order to make this type of portfolio?

 After reading all 10 tips that Smashing Magazine suggests I plan to follow most of the tips to create a user-friendly website that showcases my work and allows me to create an online presence. Some of my favorite tips from this article, include remembering that your personal portfolio website is all about you, so you want to create it in a way that makes it easy for your readers to follow and to help your readers understand your brand. In order to perfect my site, I need to learn more about how to link my works to my portfolio, create a more eye-catching logo, and come up with a more user-friendly navigation.

After reading this article, here are a few must- haves for my site:

  • A logo- I believe a logo is the first thing your readers see, so I want to include a colorful, eye-catching logo on the top left. My logo will allow my readers to understand the purpose of my site and what it entails.
  • An about me- This section is an essential so I can tell my readers a little more about me. I believe when you allow the audience to get to know you better it helps build trust and credibility.
  • Contact/Social media links- This page will include my email, as well as links to my various social media platforms and the link to my fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog. This way I can keep in touch with my readers.
  • Portfolio- I want to add this section to my site to highlight my favorite works and what I think people will be interested in reading. I want to include high-quality images and links to each work so it will be user-friendly.
  • Blog- Of course, I want to link to journalism course blog because this blog features a variety of assignments from past journalism classes. I would also like to have a special tab to link to LivForStyle, so my readers can see the other side of me, the fashion blogging side.

Some of my favorite sites include:

  • The Things We Make (Mike Kus)- Love the use of colors and simple logo. Love the easy navigation bar. The home page is simple, with an about me and a featured work column.
  • Toby Powell- Love the black and grey color scheme. Like how his about me is on the home page with links to the various sections of his site. I also like the Twitter section under his logo.
  • Design Moves Me (Roy Vergara)- Like the latest project section on the top. Like how his about me is below his logo
  • Chirag Solanki- Love how simple the home page is and then it invites your reader to click on the various sections. Love the logo and color scheme.




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