Project #3: Peer Reviews

Project #3: Peer Reviews

Let Creativity Flow



All of my peers responded to my story board in a positive way. Many of the comments I received said that my project was really organized and seems like I know what I want to include on each scene for the video. My peers also liked how I know what images I will be using. They also enjoyed that instead of using cartoons, I am using real photos from when I was a child. My peers believe that using real photos is a great detail, that makes it easy for the audience to follow my story and to capture their attention.

After reading the reviews from my peers, I agree that using voiceover will be the best form of narration for my video. I also like how my peers suggested using light, happy background music to fill any dead air. I will take that into consideration when I am editing my movie. Also, my peers pointed out that I should start rethinking about fonts and color schemes. I would like to include a fun font to show my creative personality so maybe Comic Sans? As for colors I still have to test out what will look best against my photos. It all depends on what color and font will be easy to read.

For the most part, I am very happy with my story and I am excited to start using iMovie because iMovie is a software I am very comfortable using. I plan to use my photos and my voice to tell my story and I am glad that my peers were able to understand the story I am going to tell.


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