Project #3 Proposal

My literacy narrative will focus on my favorite communicative mode, the linguistic mode. I plan to produce a 2-3 minute video using iMovie to explain to my peers how I became literate in reading and writing and the special way that I became literate, which ultimately has inspired me today and my future career choices. My literacy narrative will be about my love for coloring, reading art and fashion related books, and reading drawing books to exercise my drawing and sketching skills. My choice of books at a young age made me realize the importance of art and how I can express my thoughts and feelings through my art work.

In the beginning of my video, I plan to use photos of me as a child that show my love for reading, drawing, and fashion. I also plan to show clips of my favorite books when I was a child and use voiceover to describe why they were my favorite books.

Towards the end of my video, I will use voice over to explain how my love for art and fashion since a young age inspired me to create my very own YouTube channel and launch my fashion blog. I will include snippets and clips from my YouTube channel and blog to show how I use pictures and sketches to write about my favorite trends, my unique fashion style, the 411 in fashion news, and so on. Now my written words on my blog and spoken words on my channel allow me to communicate with my audience and talk about a topic that is important to me.

I hope my video will show my peers that my choice of art books at a young age fueled my creative side and inspired me to launch my YouTube channel and blog. When most of my childhood friends were reading Harry Potter, I was reading fashion history books and sketching dresses; however this genre of books made me who I am today (very creative and use art as a form of expression) and have motivated me to pursue a career in the fashion world.


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