Sample Web Texts Analysis

Blog Post #5

Persuading People To Recycle (Ali)


  • Like the use of several shades of green, considering the color green is associated with recycling.
  • Like how Ali emphasizes the “Easy as 1,2,3” by having the readers click on the numbers to view her multimodal texts and her analysis.
  • More interactive than Marcus and Shannon’s project.
  • Like the use of the font size, to really emphasize her project topic.
  • Love the use of a bold font to emphasize important words and key ideas.
  • Appreciate the back button on each page so the reader can easily go back to the main page and continue to browse the project.
  • The use of the arrows made her analysis easier to understand.
  • The use of key words, like emphasis, color, sequence, contrast, and so on made her analysis easier to understand.
  • Great choice to include a page about the project, a page that listed her sources, and a page that included her conclusions from project.
  • Like how Ali linked her main web portal, so her readers can check out more of her work.


  • NO cons!
  • Ali’s project was amazing and I have been inspired to model my project in a similar way.

 ** I plan to place the photo of my multimodal text in the center and use arrows to guide my readers. I would like to include a brief summary of my analysis for that specific multimodal text on the top of the page to give my readers a preview of what they will be reading. I also would like to split my analysis in sections, like emphasis, contrast, organization, proximity, and so on.


Gaming News Websites (Marcus)


  • Similar to Shannon, I like how Marcus has a home tab where he describes his topic and the purpose of his project.


  • Could have experimented more with different colors and fonts.
  • Should have a better title for his project, so his audience knows what they are about to read.
  • Had to scroll sideways to view his last two multimodal texts. Each tab did not fit on the full screen.
  • Less interactive than Ali’s project.
  • Lengthy paragraphs, which made it hard for me to stay focus. I would have liked to see more visuals, like arrows, to help prove the point.

**I plan to have a home tab where I describe my topic, why I chose the topic, the importance of the topic, as well as instructions for my readers so they know how to access each multimodal text. I also plan to have separate pages for each multimodal text, which will allow my readers to focus on the analysis of each text separately.

Anti-Fracking (Shannon)


  • Like how she had a page describing her topic, defining anti-fracking, and what multimodal texts she chose to analyze. This page gave the readers an introduction about her project. Below she linked the project page, where you will find the five multimodal texts and her comments.
  • Like the New York City skyline as her background, considering her topic is about Political Environmental Campaign against New York’s Anti-fracking.
  • The white text against the black background makes it easy to read and allows the words to stand out.


  • Everything, including the text and photos were centered, making it harder to read and follow.
  • Should have changed the font or color of each multimodal text title to really have each section stand out and make the reader see that it is a different model she is commenting on.
  • Similar to Marcus’s project, their was large blocks of texts that could have been broken up with the use of more visuals to make it more appealing to the audiences’ eyes and easier to read.
  • Less interactive than Ali’s project.

**I also plan to organize my page with the image or clip along with my comments below the multimodal text.


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